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Raid Participation System

The purpose of the RPP system is to provide a more object method distribute loot earned on Silent Redemption raiding events based on raid attendance, instead of a subjective council, or a complete random.

I. Earning RPP

Raid participation points (RPP) are earned by attending officer sanctioned Silent Redemption raiding events. These include but are not limited to both prime-time raids(4pm PST to 9pm PST), and certain off hours events which can occur at anytime.

RPP is earned on a raid time attended basis. The rate of RPP may change from expansion to expansion, and also depending on what the target is deemed. Raiding events, Learning Events, Farming events, and Backflagging events can all have different values. Officers have final and ultimate discretion on all awarding of RPP.

Every night a raid tracker will keep attendance. To begin earning credit you must send the tracker a tell when you arrive if you are not there at the posted starting time. Also if you leave early, or must take an extended AFK (10 minutes or longer), or have been Link Dead (10 minutes or longer), you will need to inform the Raid leader and tracker that you are no longer available It is your own responsibility to keep up with your points. If you are missing from a raid you attended you will need to inform the raid tracker through a post on the RPP forum. In the case of any problems you may be asked to prove your attendence.

When raids become over-filled some members will be asked to sit. When sitting you will still accrue RPP however you must be available to rejoin the event at a moments notice. If your asked to rejoin raid and don't respond quickly, You will be removed and checked out as of the last event.

Anyone who continually fails to check in and out when arriving late or leaving early, will receive 0 RPP for the night. Anyone who intentionally attempts to gain points they do not deserve will face penalties up to possible deguilding. Don't do it.

--- Recruits and Earning RPP ---

Recruits earn RPP at the same rate as members, however their rpp value is shown at 50% of what their total is. This is to provide a small advantage to long term members. Once you are made a full member the 50% penalty is removed retroactively.

II. Spending RPP.

Items that drop on SR raids will all have a RPP cost assigned to them. Item values are valued based off of their stats, effects, and their overall utility. Visible armor loot is always sold at full price, except when looted by Raid Bots or Alts

Whenever an item drops on a SR sanctioned raid the designated loot caller will start channels to award items - first at "full price", second at "50%" if no eligible members have joined the loot channel at "full", then at "upgrade" if no eligible members have joined the loot channel at "50%". The eight visables slots are handled slightly different. Current content visables will not go to 50% and Upgrade. Current visables tier two and higher will be able to go at "Tier Upgrade" when no eligible raiders are in at "full". To be eligible for "tier upgrade" you must have the previous tier of that item.

It is the players responsibility to make it into these channels before they are closed and loot is awarded. Players also need to be aware of item costs before they loot anything. Once you have looted an item on an RPP decision the charge is final, unless there is a retro upgrade or downgrade to that item handed out by SoE.

Other than in extremely exceptional circumstances, no member or recruit may purchase more than one item off of the same mob on one killing. In the event of such circumstances, officer judgement will be final

For most items the person in channel with the highest RPP total will win the item based on the Tiers listed below. On some items limitations based on class may cause someone lower in total RPP to win over someone with more RPP. These limitations are pre-posted in this forum, but may also be enforced at the time of drop on new/changed items.

--- Recruits and Spending RPP ---

Much like earnt RPP, recruit spent total is shown at 50% until made a permanent member.

All loot will be councilled by officer decision to Recruits. In many cases it will be a simple decision based on who has the most rpp available, but many times a lot of other factors will play into the decision. Factors include: Need, Attendance, Time in system, class, etc.

For the first couple of months of recruitment the RPP system does not accurately portray a recruit's effort vs reward because recruits have not earned a significant amount of RPP to show that. A few items that would have otherwise rotted could greatly skew a recruits total compared to another new recruit that has yet to loot anything.

There will be plenty of loot for recruits, and it will be spread out to best suit the guilds needs overall and make this the strongest guild possible. If this is not acceptable to you as a recruit, and you care that much about loot, then we suggest you find a different guild.

For full members, loot decisions will be based on RPP totals for unrestricted items. There will be no councilling of loot for full members in most all cases.

III. Upgrades / Alt Loot

If no eligible members joins a loot channel at Full price, or 50%, the loot will be made available at "Upgrade".

1. Upgrade is the loot level at which you have no longer considered it a priority to loot. Upgrade cost is determined by the difference in the item value you have, to the item you want plus 1RPP. For example if you wanted to upgrade from an item that cost 20 rpp to an item that cost 30 rpp, you would pay 11 RPP. For items of the same cost you pay just 1 RPP. The item that you are upgrading from must be the highest RPP item you have available in that slot. Upgrade loot will awarded based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to attendance, need, and length of time in guild. This decision will be made by the officer awarding loot. Again, remember, if you wait for the piece to be awarded via upgrade, you are stating that you do not care to pay RPP for it and thus are ok with the officer's decision. If there is a problem with that, pay for the item.

2. The item you are upgrading from must have an RPP value to it. If you win loot at 'upgrade' and your existing item has no value, or has low value, you will be charged 100 RPP.
When you upgrade you will have a lower looting priority than if you were paying full price. No one using the upgrade / downgrade rules will ever recieve loot rights on an item over anyone that wishes to pay full price of the same tier.

Augments are not elidgible for upgrade or downgrade.

Alts are placed at the lowest tier of looting priority. Alt will not recieve loot ever if a real body is present on a raid and wishes to loot an item. We are not here to twink every character you have. You are limited to one "primary alt" that may loot raid gear. Only if no other primary alts want an item, and its still rotting, will a non-primary alt be allowed to loot. You must meet normal minimum attendance on your main to be allowed to loot with an alt over another person. A member is charged 2 RPP for any item his or her alt loots. Should a change of mains to that alt occur, you may be charged the full value of items you recently looted for that alt. This charge will be levied against the balance you had from your old main's points.

Certain alts are classified as "raid alts". These alts are certain alts that have been with us for a long time and are owned by members that have regularly been asked to sit their main out and play their alt instead. These raid alts, and raid bots, have priority in looting over any other alt, and in some cases over recruits.

--- Looting Priority ---

Looting priority is set as follows:

1) Full price.. Positive 30/90, Positive RPP, Highest RPP Wins, Period!
2) Tier Upgrade for Visables (when applicable), Item charged at 50% cost. Awarded in the following order: Positive 30/90, Highest RPP wins. MUST HAVE PREVIOUS TIER ITEM Invalid 30/90, Highest RPP wins. MUST HAVE PREVIOUS TIER ITEM
3) Upgrade .. Item charged at 50% cost. Loot order follows Everyone on raid can join at this time. Standard upgrade rules will apply. Officers will award item at their discretion. Each officer will take into account any of the following, the old item, attendance, rpp, and their perceived best placement of the item.
4) Alts.. 25% of item price +2, random roll to main alts posted on member alt thread.

*NOTE: In rare instances Officers may step in if warranted, with the approval of a majority of the officers online. This will mostly be done to protect the guild from gross abuses, or to handle some unforseen circumstance where "following the rules to the letter" would go against the spirit of what the rules are about and would be against what the majority of the guild would deem fair.

Until achieving Full Member status all Recruits will continue to have their RPP available displayed at 50%. Once reaching Full Member that penalty will be removed. Full Members and Recruits meeting 30/90 day minimums will compete for loot within the same tier. There will be no 'membership rank' based priority given to loot rights other than RPP standings. Class based priority on specific items may still apply, as will certain other item specific loot priorities if deemed appropriate. In the rare case that a Recruit, even with the 50% penalty, has more RPP than a Full Member, the Recruit will win the item.

IV. Inactivity in the RPP System

Inactive raiders are defined as anyone that has not maintained 45% or better attendance. Once a raider becomes inactive they need only go over the 45% value in 30 day and 45% RPP value in 90 day RPP to achieve active raider status.

Anyone that falls into the inactive raider status will have no loot priority, and will not be able to purchase any item regardless of RPP standings over someone who is listed as active.

V. Officer Discretion

Officers reserve the right to change the rpp system at any time. This includes but is not limited to changing rpp intake values, any item values, and looting priorities.

Officers also reserve the right to assign loot to certain classes first. An example of this would be Enraging Blow weapons to warriors, daggers to rogues, or bows to rangers.

--- Officer Intervention ---

Officers will have the choice to intervene as they see fit. This is not to be a normal thing, more to prevent loot from going places that it shouldn't. There have been some abuses in the past, this ability to intervene is meant to control those abuses that you can't write rules for. The RPP system was meant for people to police themselves and be honorable. But since sometimes people cannot do that we may be forced to step in and take control at times.

30 / 90 day rpp totals will play a huge factor in any decision made, along with what upgrade is being made, and also what that item may do for certain classes.

No officer may ever win an item from this ruling. Also it takes a 100% agreement from all officers online to override any loot that would normally be handed out via RPP.

This is not an attempt to screw anyone, or to deck out certain people due to their relationships with whomever it may concern. It is an attempt to cover situations that are not acceptable to the guild overall but can't be handled with out making an insane amount of restrictive rules.

VI. Spells:

- Spell Runes will be made available first to Full Members with 30/90 - Full Members may win one spell rune per week under this rule.
- If no Full Members are "in" on a given rune under the rule above, that rune will be made available to all participants on the raid with 30/90. No participant may win more than one rune on a single night under this rule.
- Full Members may not loot more than 1 rune from a single mob, unless noone else on the raid is "in" on the 2nd rune.
- Full Members limited to 2 runes maximum per night (unless at no other recruit/member needs).
- Temp Members and Recruits limited to 1 rune per night (unless all temp/recruits have gotten a rune, or no others need)

VII. RPP Decay

Our RPP system has a rolling decay. Raid payment and purchases older than 90 days will decay two percent per day till they become 140 days old. At that point their value is 0. This has successfully kept movement in awarding loot and prevented having to overcome an old RPP mountain.

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Last 10 items:

Darkened Trakanon's Malleus
Darkened Cobalt Breastplate
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Darkened Singing Steel Breastplate
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Darkened Trakanon's Femur
Darkened Trakanon's Tooth
Darkened Elder Spiritist's Breastplate
Darkened Mana Robe
Darkened Tunic of Wrath

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