Silent Redemption Applicant RSS Feed Just feeding the trolls Raccoo Fri, 09 Feb 2018 00:41:10 GMT ec2a2c58-0d31-11e8-986f-61e24acd244e [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Raccoo [b]Class:[/b] Shamanity [b]Deity:[/b] Tribunal [b]Race:[/b] Barbarian [b]Level:[/b] 110 [b]Days Played:[/b] 585 [b]AA pts:[/b] 33922 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] EOD1, VP Flagged, EOK raid flagged for up to tier 3 [b]Tradeskills:[/b] All over 200 except Research [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] 335875 [b]Alts:[/b] Reccoo 105 Necromancer Jozerk 105 Berzerker Rogcoo 105 Rogue [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] EST, work until 8pm some nights won't be on till 8:30-9pm, but play till midnight usually. [b]Connection:[/b] Cable [b]System Specs:[/b] I7, 32gigs [b]Grouped with:[/b] Krinni, Zarake, Jetsam, Klovis, Khur [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] Raiding with FL from TDS to EOK [b]Former Guilds:[/b] Sojourners, Order of Reverent Mirth before that [b]Why SR?:[/b] Help the guild with my knowledge of the game. [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b]