Silent Redemption Applicant RSS Feed Just feeding the trolls Xikle Sat, 19 Aug 2017 23:50:03 GMT bce2ae0b-8530-11e7-9972-64ef81b91e6a [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Xikle [b]Class:[/b] Monk [b]Deity:[/b] Agnostic [b]Race:[/b] Iksar [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 41 [b]AA pts:[/b] 12220 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] TBM Content and about half of my EOK Flags are close to being full I.e Prince/Queen. [b]Tradeskills:[/b] N/A (Working on it) [b]Epic Status:[/b] None [b]Profile:[/b] [b]Alts:[/b] Pantherhands 105 Beastlord Opzerker 105 Berzerker Jammingz 105 Bard [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] AA's are the only thing i'm currently not meeting requirement wise, and i'm working on them as quickly as I can. My Berzerker is Max AAs and my Beastlord has 18k AAs. Also can't update Magelo due to the patch this past week :c [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] EST, I currently play from about Noon to 4 AM every day. [b]Connection:[/b] Wireless [b]System Specs:[/b] I7-4790k Overclocked to 4.3 GHz 2 GTX 1080TIs in SLI 32GB DDR4 Corsair RAM [b]Grouped with:[/b] Maxxbuff Zendikar/Khorriz [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] Raided all events in PoP back in the day as well as TBM and all EoK raids up to Vault (FL still hasn't cleared) [b]Former Guilds:[/b] Dark Aegis(6 months)- Left because wanted to be in a more "Raid oriented environment". Sojourners(1 year - Current)- Looking to leave to progress myself further in a more "Raid Oriented Environment". [b]Why SR?:[/b] I've been around for quite sometime, I'm always willing to help someone with anything they need and my play time and schedule as i'm currently sitting in DEP waiting to be shipped of to the United States Air Force. So I've got plenty of free time on my hands to help out SR :) [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b] Xmal Wed, 16 Aug 2017 00:42:02 GMT 56764273-8213-11e7-9972-64ef81b91e6a [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Xmal [b]Class:[/b] Shadow Knight [b]Deity:[/b] Cazic-Thule [b]Race:[/b] Iksar [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 405 [b]AA pts:[/b] 24235 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] All EOK progression completed. T2 for EOK flagged. [b]Tradeskills:[/b] [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] [b]Alts:[/b] Midasi 105 Bard Xulya 105 Magician Virika 105 Enchanter [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] I am on the east coast and can play / raid any night. [b]Connection:[/b] satellite [b]System Specs:[/b] Intel 1t-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHz , 16 GB, 64 bit OS, x64 Based Processer, NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. [b]Grouped with:[/b] I have grouped with some friends from the Cazic Thule server - Artero and gang. [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] I have raided up through T2 EOK [b]Former Guilds:[/b] Currently in Circle of Legends on Bristlebane. Guild is a great guild but looking to stay with my friends and move to Cazic Thule server. [b]Why SR?:[/b] I know my class well and looking to help other guild mates and new recruits. Obviously knowing my class I am also able to take tips from others and I test my strats. [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] Bristlebane [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] Ganna Artero [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b] Looking to stay with my friends as they are from Cazic Thule. Jetsam Tue, 08 Aug 2017 00:31:07 GMT 7c7db1f9-7bc8-11e7-9972-64ef81b91e6a [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Jetsam [b]Class:[/b] Shamanity [b]Deity:[/b] The Tribunal [b]Race:[/b] Barbarian [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 162 [b]AA pts:[/b] 19349 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] Flagged for T2 EOK.5/18 for T3 flagging. Everything below that I'm flagged for as far as I'm aware. [b]Tradeskills:[/b] Brewing, Alchemy, Tailoring, Jewelcract, Blacksmithing, Baking are all at 300. Fletching 298 Pottery 298 Research 66 [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] 3581431 [b]Alts:[/b] Occasionally 105 Shadow Knight Gaibraik 105 Necromancer Usually 105 Wizard [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] Not currently completed EoD progression. Going to be working on that as I get back into the game. Should have no issues completing by the time I'm up for full member. [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] I work 7-4PST weekdays. Normally I'm home between 4:30-4:45p from work. [b]Connection:[/b] 60d/4u [b]System Specs:[/b] i5 16G Memory. Nvidia 960 SSD [b]Grouped with:[/b] Dartanian Jumvapace Those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. Probably grouped with others, but been out of EQ for a bit. [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] I've raided ROF on up with top tier guilds. Currently have completed T1 of EOK and completed all of the T2 raids at least once. Unfamiliar with T3, but I'm a fast learner. [b]Former Guilds:[/b] I've been playing EQ on/off for 10+ years. Only started raiding 3-4 years ago when COTF had just come out. Here's my complete guild/raid history since then. Sacred Fyre--Left due to the raid team disbanding/falling apart. ROTE(First)--Was kicked due to getting into an argument with the Priest lead about something that I was right about, but I handled poorly and with no tact. Ne Cede Malice(Emarr)--Failed an extended 60d application period by 1 vote. A former member of Sacred Fyre that was well liked by the guild didn't like me. She told the guild "Me or Him" and got several people to vote against my application that liked me. Crimson Tempest(Drinal)--Left due to my work schedule changing and putting my EQ play time very minimal. Didn't want to have my main on a different server than the rest of my characters if I wasn't going to be raiding very often. ROTE(Second)--Was basically begged to come back to the guild. Joined to play with some of my friends that I've got in the guild. Left due to poor leadership from the officer team. Didn't like the culture and felt that my valid concerns weren't being addressed. Was told that the situation would be fixed and it never was. Realm of Insanity(Xegony)--Joined ROI at the start of EOK. Was in the gamewide first wins on T1 and T2. Took a vacation around Christmas/New Years and was removed from the flagging raid team. Lost interest in EQ and took a few month break. Currently in a personal/alt guild of my own. [b]Why SR?:[/b] Looking to get back into raiding with a high end raid team. Took a break from EQ at the start of this year. Ended up transferring back to Cazic, where some troll from ROTE has taken my name. Had to go with "Jetsam". :( Made some RL changes as well. Moved cities, new career, etc. Play time just wasn't there. In a good position now and want to get back into the game and play with my friends and make new friends. I'm a pretty competent player that excels at most things I've tried. I think I'd be an excellent healer/support for whatever group I'm in and maybe dish out some DPS once I'm a bit more familiar with things. Can throw me anywhere or assign me any role and I'll do the best I can to help the guild succeed. I look forward to hearing from you! [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b]