Silent Redemption Applicant RSS Feed Just feeding the trolls Rajinn Mon, 20 Feb 2017 02:12:46 GMT 127755b9-f712-11e6-8d42-4156eb993b5e [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Rajinn [b]Class:[/b] Beastlord [b]Deity:[/b] Cazic [b]Race:[/b] Iksar [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 370 [b]AA pts:[/b] 29200 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] All progression done and raids to the queen [b]Tradeskills:[/b] All 300 with trophies have artisans ear aug and shawl [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] [b]Alts:[/b] [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] Meet them [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] Est. I play evenings and weekends [b]Connection:[/b] Time warner turbo boost [b]System Specs:[/b] I have a Alienware laptop [b]Grouped with:[/b] None I'm on Bertoxx server [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] I raid with Enceladus on bertox server and we are currently on queen raid. We did beat tbm but they have a hard time with the ach. To get the 10% aug. and have given up on it and only do eok now. [b]Former Guilds:[/b] I raided with crusaders valorous left because a lot of the guild went to polar server. Enceladus I want to leave because they have a lot of issues with ark people during raids that are not being felt with and also they have a hard time beating raids nowadays. Just have not been having fun with them for a while now. [b]Why SR?:[/b] It was recommended to me by a recruiter of ring of vallor which I have talked to off and on for a year now. I feel I am a solid beast lord that plays to the best of my abilities every raid ... and I'd like to raid with a gro of people that do the same thing. [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b] Zarake Mon, 13 Feb 2017 00:00:51 GMT 7c4669ca-f17f-11e6-8d42-4156eb993b5e [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Zarake [b]Class:[/b] Warrior [b]Deity:[/b] Karana [b]Race:[/b] Wood Elf [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 493 [b]AA pts:[/b] 20045 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] TDS - Arx: Citadel Access TBM - T3 EOK - T2 [b]Tradeskills:[/b] Baking Fletching Brewing Rest in-progress zzz. [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] 2204360 [b]Alts:[/b] Swen 105 Druid [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] Meet all. May be worth noting however: I live along the coast in New Zealand and currently limited to VDSL, so I sit approx 170ms. This is very rarely ever an issue and I adjust certain triggers accordingly to help mitigate any minor delays. Fibre will be rolled out 2018. [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] New Zealand time zone. I work U.S. (EST) days/hours and play during U.S. (EST) evenings onward. [b]Connection:[/b] VDSL [b]System Specs:[/b] I work and play on powerful laptops which are upgraded regularly. Current laptop: Aspire V17 Nitro (Black Edition). Screen 17.3 inch. Processor Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ CPU, quad-core 2.6 GHz (3.5 GHz TBoost). Video Intel HD 530 + Nvidia GTX 960M 4GB. Memory 16 GB DDR4 2133Mhz (2xDIMMs). Storage 256 GB SSD (M.2 SATA, NVMe supported) + 1 TB 2.5and#8243; HDD Connectivity Wireless AC Atheros QCA6174 , Gigabit LAN. [b]Grouped with:[/b] Old timers: Maxxbuff, Phorlar, Zabasilarx and bunch of retired people. New guys: Zendikar, Kissabooboo, Darkrez. Random groups/FL alt people: Camaroon (omg sry), Controls, Tiny, Mildaria, Dart, Gry, etc. [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] (2000-2004) High-end raid tanking and healing EQ raiding through to PoP era. (2004-2015) Raid tanking and healing on WoW for a few years then back to EQ progression servers on various classes. (2016-Current) CT: I have been privileged to high-end raid with Freelance over the last year, working with exceptional players through some TDS, all of TBM and into EOK content. FL Profile here: Also ran COTF raids with Sojourners to help folks get missing critical Essence spells/discs including myself caught-up with LS3, Wade3 etc. [b]Former Guilds:[/b] Brell Serilis: Various guilds through the years, ending as a raid officer at Enshadowed through the completion of PoP. I only left as I quit EQ to complete University. Current/most recent guild: Sojourners: On my return to Live I was very fortunate to progress with a core group of friends in Sojourners. Over the past year I have enjoyed my time with them. Sadly many have moved on and I feel the time is right for me as well. [b]Why SR?:[/b] Iím extremely excited at the opportunity to join and support the exceptional legacy of SR and contribute my many years of mashing buttons where possible. At the same time I am never offended to accept any advice/suggestions and ready to work as a team. Outside of raids Iím always happy to help or run folks through group content, named camps etc. [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b]