Silent Redemption Applicant RSS Feed Just feeding the trolls Jaggax Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:02:33 GMT f674d0c0-dde2-11e6-8d42-4156eb993b5e [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Jaggax [b]Class:[/b] Berzerker [b]Deity:[/b] Agnostic [b]Race:[/b] Vah Shir [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 13 years [b]AA pts:[/b] 15360 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] All RoF CoTF TDS TBM EOK Lcea merc/partisan [b]Tradeskills:[/b] minimum to do progression [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] [b]Alts:[/b] [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] the only thing that will be a slight detractor for me is I am retired US Army Major and also a wounded warrior and I participated in various wounded warrior projects at the VA that will keep me out of raids on some Tues/Thur evenings at various times through out the year I like Ranonman and have devere hearing loss dur to injury and ear disease so I will not be a vent/mumble participate [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] US central time [b]Connection:[/b] cable [b]System Specs:[/b] Dell XPS 8300 Intel(R)Core(TM)i7-2320 CPU@3.00 Ghz RAM 16.0 GB [b]Grouped with:[/b] Maxxbuff Stell Ranonman Glynna Timbu Derresh Chatter Khalimari [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] high end raider as far back as 1999 on Lanys T'Vyl server, with guilds WoW DAoC EQ2 AoC RIFT Warhammer Online Plus previous SR raider so familiar with playing style [b]Former Guilds:[/b] see above for guild list stayed with org. guild from EQ thru WoW until military deployments required me to stop playing, am now retired US Army [b]Why SR?:[/b] as my previous time in SR showed that I had a lot learn about class, and I showed quite improvement from org app status till time I left EQ and SR for period of time, I still learn and expand on my play and will learn even further in new time in SR [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b] Kissabooboo Fri, 13 Jan 2017 23:06:10 GMT e031238a-d9e4-11e6-8d42-4156eb993b5e [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Kissabooboo [b]Class:[/b] Cleric [b]Deity:[/b] Tunare [b]Race:[/b] Highelf [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 451 [b]AA pts:[/b] 18584 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] I am flagged for TBM.... Di'Zok Royal Seal Fragment 5/12 [b]Tradeskills:[/b] Fishing lol I have never had the patience for tradeskills. >.< [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] 2517473 [b]Alts:[/b] Tamasi 105 Druid [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] Read and understood. I should be able to make RA. My Magelo seems to UTD as of today but I do not have a premium membership. I would be happy to answer questions about my gear etc. [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] EST time zone. My play times vary but I am mostly on nights [b]Connection:[/b] DSL [b]System Specs:[/b] Toshiba Satellite P875-S7102 Intel i-7 16 gig RAM 64 bit [b]Grouped with:[/b] Khorriz, Chalter [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] I have been in raiding guild from TSS up until current content. I did take a break from game and pretty much missed all of TDS. [b]Former Guilds:[/b] Dragon Council-Bertox...disbanded and turned into Enceladus Enceladus-Bertox...Took a break from game and then server transfered to CT Sojourners- Sojo now. Looking for a more structured raid environment. [b]Why SR?:[/b] I would like to be in a well organized raid guild and actually get to play all the content. I hope I can contribute my leet healing :P and help progress the guild and raid with the best. I have pretty much played Kissabooboo exclusively since I started playing in 2005. I always look forward to learning from others so I can be the best cleric i can :) I have an 85 Druid but she is a heroic toon that i just use for rides. [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b] Jaggax Mon, 09 Jan 2017 00:17:14 GMT f935f8ac-d600-11e6-8d42-4156eb993b5e [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Jaggax [b]Class:[/b] Bard [b]Deity:[/b] Agnostic [b]Race:[/b] Barbarian [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 13 years [b]AA pts:[/b] 14565 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] same as before [b]Tradeskills:[/b] Minimum [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] [b]Alts:[/b] [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] Same [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] Same as before [b]Connection:[/b] cable [b]System Specs:[/b] Same as previous app on file [b]Grouped with:[/b] Ranonman Timbu Maxxbuff Gryning Glynna Derresh etc etc [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] Same as before [b]Former Guilds:[/b] Same [b]Why SR?:[/b] Same as previous app on file [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b]