Silent Redemption Applicant RSS Feed Just feeding the trolls Jim tekulve Mon, 19 Jun 2017 01:03:02 GMT a9c338ea-5482-11e7-97e6-5fdb2e510c48 [b]Character info: --------------- Name:[/b] Jim tekulve [b]Class:[/b] Paladin [b]Deity:[/b] Erollisi Marr [b]Race:[/b] Human [b]Level:[/b] 105 [b]Days Played:[/b] 280 [b]AA pts:[/b] 11985 [b]AA skills:[/b] [b]Character Flags:[/b] no current flags [b]Tradeskills:[/b] havent really worked trade skills [b]Epic Status:[/b] 2.0 [b]Profile:[/b] [b]Alts:[/b] Fellasleep 105 Enchanter [b]Player info: ------------ Email:[/b] [b]Requirements [u]not[/u] met:[/b] i dont have 15000 AA's. [b]Timezone/Playtimes:[/b] Mountain time zone and i play in evenings [b]Connection:[/b] Fiber 1 Gig internet speeds [b]System Specs:[/b] I5 3.4 ghz 32 gigs ram with 2 gigs ram on video card. [b]Grouped with:[/b] Zarake [b]Raiding Experience:[/b] i have raided off and on over the years have participated in TBM raids, as well as COTF [b]Former Guilds:[/b] Hell Fire Club, they disbanded. [b]Why SR?:[/b] my friend is in it and i think i can grow more being apart of SR [b]Cross Server Information: ------------------------- Server:[/b] [b]Guild:[/b] [b]References:[/b] [b]Reason for Leaving:[/b]